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We provide surf sessions for people with additional needs and special educational needs.

We run surf wellbeing courses, where our young people take part in weekly sessions of surf and water fun with the support of our volunteer surf mentors. Each session the young people take part in session reviews and personal reflection. Through these sessions we see our participants develop their surf and water skills grow their confidence and boost their mental and physical wellbeing. 

We have funded places for these projects each year. We also have some paid for slots for these projects that cost £15pp per session. 

Please get in touch by sending an email to for more information about when these projects are running and places available.

If you are interested in a project for your organisation please get in touch for more more details, prices and potential funding options.


From our last course the post course review questionnaire revealed:

  • 100% of respondents reported an increase in confidence from participants during the surf sessions and that this continued beyond the surf sessions.

  • 100% reported the participants having a positive experience and enjoying the sessions.

  • 60% reported seeing an improvement in communication with peers during the sessions in the participants.

  • 40% reported that the participants felt calmer while taking part in the sessions.

  • 20% reporting that their kids gained resilience from their surf sessions.

What our participants and their parents thought:

"Absolutely loved it . . . she was talking to some of the other students involved, helping them and showing them how to carry the board, which she doesn’t normally do." Mother

"Really liked them and definitely doing it again" - participant

"I’ve never seen her that happy. She was just so relaxed and comfortable and she went off with you straight away. For me, seeing her like that, it made me happy. It was just so lovely." Mother

"Very fun and nice" - participant

"Really good and I loved it. It was just so fun and happy." - participant

"I think he loved them. It was quite a surprise to us because I was really worried about him to be honest . . . For him to participate was brilliant and he did look forward to it every week." Father

"He [the volunteer mentor] made me feel braver because he said just be confident and get in the sea and just do it." - Participant

"Brilliant. Not only did she really enjoy them, she needed that extra mentorship and understanding and a group of people who were similar to her." Mother

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