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Surf Lessons

Adults Surf Lesson


Weekly sessions for Adults looking to catch their first waves or those already catching white water waves & looking to improve their pop up or make their first turns. 


Join our Open Surf lesson Sat & Sun


Adults only Friday evenings from 10th May - 23rd August

£25 per person
including all the equipment needed

Thursday evenings 


Weekly sessions getting in and being active in the water, surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding, swimming - whatever is best for the conditions. Being active in a natural environment has been repeatedly shown to help improve mental wellbeing. For anyone looking to improve their wellbeing.

We take self referrals to the sessions. Fully funded by Seascapes these sessions are free of charge.

Email to join the sessions.

Private Lessons & Intermediate Sessions

We have private lessons available and details are here.

For intermediate sessions give us a message at so we can discuss what you need to help develop your surfing


Paddle Board Lessons

Open Paddle Board Lesson

£25 per person
including all the equipment needed

A drop in session for any age that's looking to stand up on their board and have a introduction to good paddle board technique. Or for those who can already stand but want to develop and refine their skills. 

Saturdays Sundays & Everyday in the school holidays.


Private Lessons & Tours

Private lessons are available and can be booked to your convenience. Starting from £40 per person and getting cheaper the more people in your group you can find the details here.

We occasionally do tours exploring the bays, coves and caves between Sandhaven Beach down to Marsden but because we can only run these when the conditions are right (light winds and no waves) so best to drop us a message at to see when a tour is likely to go out. Tours are normally charged at £25 per person if a public group or we can do a tour on a private lesson if the conditions are right.

Typical Lesson

How a typical lesson will go

After we’ve done introductions and issued out equipment and you’ve got into your wetsuit: 

1. Go through some beach and water safety points.

2. Have a quick warm up and then get used to the water by jumping in the sea.

3. Give a demonstration and explanation of catching waves and surfing on the     

     beach including:

4. We then get into the water, showing you the best ways through the surf or how  to

     improve on what you already do.

5. Then we’ll catch some waves!

6. Once you have the hang of catching the waves we will exit the water and learn  

     how to stand up with a quick beach    demonstration. If you’re improving we use  

     this opportunity to give more directed feedback and demonstrations for your    


7. Then we’ll help you to correct your technique and catch more waves.

Lessons normally last 2 hours and includes all equipment, you just need yourselves, swimwear, a towel and some warm clothing for afterwards.

The minimum age for surf lessons is 6.

To book or discuss details please either email or call us at 07583144560.

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